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We are a social and market research agency conducting research on all sorts of topics throughout
Australia and New Zealand.

Businesses, councils, governments and not for profit groups want to hear from you! Being a member of
SOL means your opinions get heard and you get paid to do so!

Become part of our online community that puts the power into your hands!

What kind of power are we talking about? The power to influence the products and services that are important to you. This is done by giving you a platform to voice your opinion, and with the reassurance that it will be heard by the right people.

Have you ever become frustrated with a product or service and thought, “what on earth were they thinking?”  By joining Select Opinion Leaders you get the chance to help lead your favorite products and services to where you want them to be.

Signing up is easy and is open to all Australian and New Zealand residents over 16 years of age. Best of all it doesn’t cost you anything to join and because your time and opinions are so valuable, you will be rewarded for them. We have a special point system, which you can build up to give you access to gift vouchers to spend at Wishlist, which has over 2,000 different products and experiences to choose from.

Select opinion leaders, is part of Ekas Marketing Research a 100% Australian owned company that strictly adheres to the market research code of conduct. So you can be rest assured that your information will only be used for market research purposes and will always be kept confidential.
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